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Académie de Paris

Paris is the only single-department academy in metropolitan France. It covers the capital city and has a specific organisation: the rector is accompanied by a director, who’s charged with school education from kinder garden to high school, and a university vice chancellor, who’s charged with higher education.

The Paris Academy’s project is first of all focused on students, helping them growing together, in all their diversity. It intends to continue modernizing education and helping its integration into a moving world; fostering the autonomy of the actors involved without compromising the necessary convergence of goals. It is also a project relying on the Academy’s recognized assets: the wealth of its cultural partnerships and the different forms of its international approach. It also intends to draw on scientific research and on the possibilities offered by digital technologies in order to enrich the debate on pedagogy and to foster learning.

As every pioneering project needs to develop an innovative working method, Paris Academy seeks first of all to open news paths.

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