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National Association for theater research and action

Founded in 1983, ANRAT (National Association for Theatre Action and Research) gathers together artists and teachers committed to actions aiming to pass on a theatre education in schools, from kinder garden to university. It reaffirms the emancipating power of theatre as well as its transformative capacity at school. It defends the absolute necessity of building partnerships between artists and teachers.

ANRAT’s core missions and values are:
– To develop and to democratize cultural and artistic education for all young people in the field of performing arts: theatre, dance, circus …
– To reaffirm artistic education as a fundamental part of general education for all young people, in and out school hours.
– To contribute to the reflection of all the theatres and public cultural institutions on the mediation and cultural transmission activities initiated in such places.
– To promote the concept of a durable cultural path for all the children and young people, built on their direct contact with the pieces and the places, a detailed preparation before the shows, a downstream sensitive appropriation and an initiation to the practice of the arts.
– To provide to all its members a forum for reflection and action about new forms of partnerships, including in an institutional frame: government / local communities, education/culture, cultural institutions / schools.
– To organize and develop the theatre & education and the performing arts & education networks, by proposing workshops about transmission and lectures in order to draw the lessons of the experience acquired by the practitioners and to connect them to the academic research.

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